Dandelion Diversion

Phredber Dandelion Diversion

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Paperback book first edition in full colour print. A5: 210x150mm
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  • This is the FIRST EDITION of Dandelion Diversion.

    • The story, naturally, in easy to read print.
    • Artwork by Bernard Stokes, some in full colour.
    • Cover photography by Larissa Chilcott

    The story is entirely in the form of poetry which is easy and fun to read. It was not planned that way thet's just how it came out when I started writing. I have learned that adults seem to enjoy reading it, possibly as much or even more than their children but that is the whole point of a good children's book. It should be fun to read it together,.. shouldn't it?

  • Lorna: I want a signed, printed copy! Phredber is the nicest bear EVER!

    Kharys: The story is splendid; I love your poetry. I think Rothwell the Rabbit might be my favourite, though it's hard to choose just one. Phredber, obviously, is pretty great too and the illustrations are an excellent touch.
    I'm eager to see a hard copy version,..

    Lyn: It's brilliant, I'm going to tell everybody!

    Lea: It's fantastic! When is the next book coming out?