Snippets from stories

Meet Phredber

Phredber is a scruffy bear
But he is loved a lot.
There are places where his fur is thin
And places it is not.

I won him at a fairground,
He was the last one on the shelf.
I won him first to give away
But then kept him for myself.

I took him everywhere with me,
So by the end of that long, hot day
We'd sort of become bestest friends
And I couldn't give him away.

Well, now he's been with me for years,
I know he's not a normal bear,
Coz when I get to where he was,
He often isn't there!

I think he likes adventures
And can disappear for days,
Then turns up in the strangest places
But he never says.

But night-times when I go to bed,
He comes into my dreams
And then I get to understand
Exactly where he's been.

So now that he's not listening,
I'm writing in my book
Of all the things that Phredber did,
For all my friends to look.

Pete Braven 2004